Pittsburgh Web Developer

New Site, New Blog

The First Step is Always the Hardest

Hi, it's Jeff! I've been working as a web developer or software engineer since 2013 and have wanted to really start a blog/website. I had one before at orlandoweb.dev (domain available?), but have since moved from Orlando, Florida to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and have had many developments personally and professionally.

You may have found your way here from a blog post, or a tutorial on the site. All projects deserve an introduction or a prologue, and that's the purpose of this post.

Why Start a Blog?

Software, and web development by association, is hard work and one of the things that makes it hard is the abundant specifications and technologies. I'm starting this website/blog for two main reasons:

  • To help other developers understand technology using:
    • Clear, working examples.
    • Direct and opinionated answers.
  • To raise some questions of my own.

How Did I Pick this Line of Work?

My story does not begin with assembling my first computer or inventing a programming language. I was not any more saavy than kids my age. I consumed console games instead of installing them on a PC, and didn't dabble with linux, programming, or math until much later. Instead, I liked drawing and enjoying being a kid. I still think American public schools are in dire need of reform and I regret nothing about my early life. (:

Though, by an older sister's recommendation, I tried a college intro to C class where they (thankfully) gave us a few weeks to try python first. The teacher was tough but fair, and I managed to really enjoy the class and haven't been the same since. When I saw the creativity that went into problem solving I decided that this was going to be my vocation.

What Advice Do You Have for Beginners?

Taking a class was great way to commit to learning the basics. These are some common questions beginners ask (and I may have asked a few times starting out):

  • So do you just memorize all these commands?
  • What is the point to the commands I learned?
  • I'm lost (more of a statement, but okay)

To these points, I say:

  • You will have to memorize some things in order to succeed, but learning how to look it up is more important.
  • The point is to prepare you for more commands (at least for a while).
  • Feeling confused just means you recognize you don't know something. It's the important first step to learning something.


Thanks for reading the prelude to what will be a very fun project to continue. I hope you enjoy it!